Dear Dr. Berliner,

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work here this week. I really love what you are doing here; I can see the difference that you make. Your staff has been wonderful to me this week and have been a pleasuer to work with. Kim helped me transition to the clinic Monday making me feel at home. All the staff are knowledgeable and caring people. I know you are aware of this, but I wanted to let you know I saw it from them all week.

I hope the Judo Tournament went well, and that you were able to enjoy the country while in Turkey.

Thank you again

Ellen W

Dear Chestatee Emergent Team,

Please know how grateful I am for your loving care. You guys are simply unbelievable!

God Bless,

Donny Ray Aiken

Dear Everyone at Chestatee,

I am writing to thank you for your kindness and courtesy in helping us when we came in needing medical care on our recent visit to Georgia. My son David was ill and was planning to start hiking the AT and we were concerned about his beginning the hike without medical attention.

We didn’t know any providers in the area and we stopped at several places and were unable to obtain care. Someone recommended Chestatee and when we found you and were treated so wonderfully ,we are really grateful. It’s problematic in today’s world to find medical care in an unfamiliar area and so finding your clinic was really a godsend.

I am happy to say that David started his hike after resting an additional day and is feeling much better and enjoying the absolute beauty of the mountains. I am back in New Jersey!

Thank you again for your welcoming service. We appreciated it more than we can tell you.

Warm regards,

Carol Y Princeton, NJ

This Thanksgiving I am thanking you! I really can’t tell you how wonderful it is and comforting it is to know that you are a wonderful doctor who actually understands how real life is.

Thank you for what you’ve done to help me and my family. I don’t know where I’d be if you hadn’t taken the time to sit and diagnose my IC. Your staff is awesome too!

Fawnna E.

Wanted to say hey, and thank you for keeping us alive all across the country… bout to head up to New England area, just in time for spring.

Hope ya’ll are good, see you soon!

Jarod & Allie

Dear Doc,

I just wanted to thank you again for staying late on Saturday to care for my eye. You are a tribute to your profession and very highly esteemed way out here on Harris Rd. Mountain. When I was a teacher, I always wanted my students to feel welcomed and cared for by a competent individual of the “one room schoolhouse” variety. Maybe that’s why we like you so much. It might be old-timey, but you are the only Doctor I/WE have ever met who really practices medicine in the Grand tradition of caring which inspires confidence and comfort in all your patients. To us, you are The Man!

Lucy, Rick, Eric and ElizabethPatient

Dear Dr. Berliner,

I wanted to thank you for the exceptional late night help that you gave to my father. He was so very grateful and thought you were an amazing kind of doctor. He was especially grateful for your kindness to me over the years and always felt good knowing I had a truly caring doctor that I could call if I needed anything. I really appreciate the medications that I so desperately needed over the last few weeks. The overwhelming loss and grief remain for me. I have taken only small amounts as needed, cutting them in half or quarters to help me function I have returned to school and it is extremely difficult, so I continue to take small amounts. I will see you soon as my meds will need to be refilled soon, and I promise to come in for that. I am working to get off of it. I am hoping you are feeling better, and that your kidney procedure was a success. I wish you and your family much happiness and good health in 2010.

Lisa B.Patient