18 patients Saturday before Easter. BB gunshot to volar Left index finger, almost exited other side, requiring I&D and foreign body removal, through & through wick packing, will see back tomorrow. Folks !!! Safe gun handling is imperative for all ages, and all classes of ‘guns’!!! BB-guns maim and kill, if not handled correctly, or not treated with respect. Type A & B Influenza x2. Malaise, Fever with bronchospasm but negative for influenza. Another Concussion assessment, second in x2 weeks prv. Grade II, this one Grade I, Pt. recommended out of contact sports x4 weeks. A soccer eyebrow LAC repair, with lateral nares bone contusion, hematoma, and possible hairline fx. Allergic Contact Dermatitis with Angioedema, and Impetigo. Lyme Disease Exposure, labs. A series of medication renewals. A couple Seasonal Allergic Rhinosinusitis. A couple of URI. Diabetes medication adjustment. Well off to ride the bike. Kell should be home for the Weekend. Judo Later. Then a movie tonight.