31 patients, Spring Tuesday. Lots of Weight Loss – getting in shape for Bikini season. A rather involved revision of an infiltrated, and scarified, recurrent sebaceous cyst that had 3 or 4 previous doctors I&D it – dissected thoroughly from under the skin, then sewed together. Last of the day a trailer-gate anterior leg Laminar Fx and Skin LAC repair and immobilization. Ant bites. Poison Ivy. Epistaxis. Allergic Rhinitis. Cachexia. A molar abscess & gingivitis. Malignant Hypertension. A patient in Urosepsis, with Uncontrolled Diabetes, Pyelonephritis, and Gastritis – started on IV fluids, Insulin, IV antibiotics, Nonsteroidals, and PO Gastric meds, then sent home on oral medications, adjustment of routine meds, and close follow up in clinic this week. Numbers of Otalgia with Otitis. Mostly from excoriation. NO Q-TIPS in the EAR CANAL Folks!!! One or two URI’s with cough. A lot of routine medication renewals. Ari Dalton and Elizabeth and the littles are back from Norfolk. Ari fought well in the brown belt division at seniors, this weekend he will fly with me to the Mid-Western Cohen Memorial.