Very Steady Wednesday, then a rush on the doors at closing time. Multiple tick bites, with secondary MRSA Abscess I&D and Lyme Disease Prophylaxis. Follow up on Sebaceous Cyst dissection – looking CDI & flat, no purulence. GOUT. Pharyngitis. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Allergic Rhino-Sinusitis x5. Weight Loss x7. DOT Physical. B-12 Supplementation. Male HRT (low-t). Recurrent Mononucleosis with Tonsillitis & Splenomegally. Labral tear and femoral hernia pit in L hip. Suppurative Conjunctivitis with Sinusitis. Recurrent HA Referred for MRI x2. COPD exacerbation. DSB (drug seeking behavior) x3. Disability and Mental status assessments. Hypothyroid. Medical Student finished out today, but is undergoing Thyroid I-131 ablation the next 5 days, back on Tuesday – wish her Luck… Off to roll with Ari Dalton…. getting ready for Chicago….