31 patients. Thursday is warming up in more ways than one. Flowers Blooming. COPD exacerbation. A half dozen of seasonal non-infectious Rhinosinusitis. Occult Humerus Head fracture s/p Syncope, Fall and upper arm contusion. Gastroenteritis. A series of endocrine consults, mainly diabetes and thyroid. Strepx1. Influenza Type-B x3. Pigmented Nevus Inspection – Expectant Observation, not excisional Biopsy. Full thickness Squamous cell Carcinoma sent to derm for evaluation, punted to general surgery for deep excision. A handful of DOT physicals. Gout in a Right Great Toe MTP jt. requiring Intra-articular injection, blood work, medication. Recheck and pull wick on Perineum MRSA. Pull wick on recheck of I&D ingrown Nailplate. Improving Breast and Abdomen MRSA Carbuncles. Index Finger LAC Repair over volar DIP jt. and finger pad, with tetanus & abx prophylaxis. A couple UTI’s. Anticoagulation and Coronary Artery Disease Monitoring and medication adjustment. Malignant Hypertension in diabetic with recent MI, dysrhythmia, and CAD, off all meds x1 month. Then off to the Emerald City, the new NEGAMC facility down by 400, for a grand tour. It is Plush. I figure we do not tap into the same patient base. Afterwards Judo with Ari Dalton.