Wow. After a slow early May, another VERY Busy Wednesday. 24 patients by 1:00 PM most multi-diagnosis. Finished out at 35 patients. The cases of Sinusitis with Pharyngitis, Bronchospasm, and RAD resumed their community rounds x6. These were followed closely by Gastroenteritis from too much Memorial cheer x5, UTI’s with Cystitis (honeymoon?) x4, and Rashes (fungal, rhus, and intertriginous) x4. Exercise Consults. Diabetes. Shoulder impingement. Hypotensive Syncope r/o Cardiac. Xiphoid arthrosis. HSV. Sports and DOT PE. Blood Screening for the Dept. of Corrections. Strep. and Meds renewal. Strawberries – hand picked by the littles tonight, but first a 10 K ride.