30 patients NOT a slow Thursday – so much for prediction – had to wait on the last – regular with corneal abrasion, & conjunctivitis – NO foreign body – determined by flourescein and saline lavage with loop sweep, trx with opticain and erythromycin ophthalmic oint. Lots of other procedures. Job Syndrome Pyogenic Abscess I&D. Knee Strain. Ankle Sprain. Skin tag excisions. Hemorrhoids. MRSA I&D follow-up, pulled wicks and redressed wet to dry. Pyelonephritis with UTI x3. Military PE clearance for remote Metacarpal fx (prosthetic intact). two more sinusitis with conjunctivitis. One para-nares staph folliculitis with cellulitis. A work up for ‘fatigue’ x7 years? Strep Tonsillitis. Cervical Radicular Pain. Medication renewals to fill it out. Ari is off to the AM-Can Judo with Jason this Weekend. Kell will watch. I am headed to the Judo Grand Prix in Miami on June 13th. Might still get in a 5K tonight.