Very slow Tuesday Morning down in the hole, behind the wall. Hung signs from the dormers. Very busy afternoon. 6 in the door the last hour. Finished out at 29 patients. Baker’s Cyst vs DVT’s Left Gastrocnemius & Poplitteal fossa, intact arterial blood flow by Auditory U/S, sent for Doppler U/S. Anxiety, depression, and bereavement – started meds – grief counseling. Anxiety, depression and insomnia with mild tardive dyskinesia – adjusted meds – continue counseling. Anxiety, Insomnia, status/post medication withdrawal psychosis and hospitalization – bridge to Psychiatry – started non-addictive med. Anxiety, Depression, and Affective Disorder off meds x4 year – resumed meds – referred to Psych. Strep Throat x4. Recurrent Migraine – increased frequency & intensity – referred to Neurology. A half dozen allergic mediated rhino-sinusitis. UTI & Cystitis x3. Gastroenteritis. Off to ride, then Judo with Ari.