Steady Morning then busy Tuesday Afternoon s/p lunch at Blue Bicycle with financial planner. 31 patients in the door, x1 called it in. Patient with milliary cavitations & nodules on Chest CT – masked, then on x4 meds (INZ, RIF, PYR, ETH) to be initiated after providing 3 sputum Cx. Also CBC, CMP, HIV labs. PPD placed, and masks on all x3 family, prophylactic Rifampin x1 week, repeat PPD in x1 month. Notification to GA. Dept. of Public Health. Staff, Student (still working hard), & the Dr. all have recent PPD’s, treated prophylactically with Rifampin x1 week then will re-obtain their PPD’s in x1 month. Sutures removal x2. The double Ear-Lobe Reconstruction looking intact, some superficial separation, on removing sutures front and back, but cor is annealed, steri-stripped outside. HPV vaccine. Staph infection in a new tattoo. Forehead LAC repair in girl child after rollover of toy go-cart, no concussion. DOT PE x2. Influenza Type A. Chronic Cough. Costochondritis x7 weeks s/p MVA. LS Strain & Respiratory Mycosis in hay-baler. Sjogren’s consult. Gastorenteritis & Gastritis. Will meet Ari at Judo. Getting too late to ride. Still 5 charts to finish.