Beautiful but tragic Patriot’s Day. Monday 9:30 AM : Red-eyed in from Senior Nationals in Virginia Beach. Friday and Saturday had sub docs – very light days, 10 each, mostly Sinus, and Allergy – closed Sunday. Saw 12 patients by Noon today. Guess they were waiting for me to return. 27 Patients at the clinic by closing. Public Health is handling the Tuberculosis Cluster. UTI with Pyelonephritis and possible Kidney stones. Insomnia. Lyme Disease Screening. URI with COPD Exacerbation. Strep. Sinusitis Gout. Medication Consults, and refills. DOT PE. Erectile Dysfunction secondary to gonadal hypofunction and Low testosterone. Follow up on Dog-bite and suture removal. Prayers for the wounded and dead in Boston. Hope they find the terrorists.