Friday – third layer of Asphalt laid. More normal numbers of patients 26. Still down about 20% overall due to the construction. Tick Bite Prophylaxis x3, & x1 Lyme Disease Treatment (x3 IgM bands +POS for Borelia Burgdorferi). Unfortunately, there is currently a world-wide shortage of Doxycycline (also used to treat acne), with prices jumping up from $4 to as much as $240 for a one month course of the antibiotic. DOT & Sports PE’s. Heat exhaustion (still have to drink water when working out of doors even if Summer is not yet arrived). Strep. I&D of Infected Diabetic Ulcer, saved the toe. Repack of facial MRSA Cellulitis I&D – less swelling. Atopic Dermatitis with XeroDermolysis on calcaneal heel. Weight Loss x3. Hormone replacement x3. Back Pain (it is Friday) x3. Shingles Neuropathy. B-12 supplementation. Medication Renewals. An re-accreting infected Olecranon bursa. Headed to ride 10-K. Then home to light candles.