Dear Dr. Berliner,

I wanted to thank you for the exceptional late night help that you gave to my father. He was so very grateful and thought you were an amazing kind of doctor. He was especially grateful for your kindness to me over the years and always felt good knowing I had a truly caring doctor that I could call if I needed anything. I really appreciate the medications that I so desperately needed over the last few weeks. The overwhelming loss and grief remain for me. I have taken only small amounts as needed, cutting them in half or quarters to help me function I have returned to school and it is extremely difficult, so I continue to take small amounts. I will see you soon as my meds will need to be refilled soon, and I promise to come in for that. I am working to get off of it. I am hoping you are feeling better, and that your kidney procedure was a success. I wish you and your family much happiness and good health in 2010.

Lisa B.Patient