The ‘Sturm und Drang – mit Flut’ continues. More rain and overflowing rivers. Behind the wall, no Tornadic winds. 9 patients, some who said on facebook, they were coming in, did not. Some interesting cases. Gardener with a scratch on her knee, applied a poultice and ACE wrapped, Presents To Clinic with Staph Folliculitis and Furunculosis wrapped around Poplitteal Fossa, to Patella, lower thigh to upper tibia. Treated for MRSA, lanced, drained, gentian paste, Cleocin IM, Bactrim & Cleocin PO. Early Patchy Pneumonia with RAD & COPD exacerbation, hypoxemia at 88% on Room Air. Nebs, IM Rocephin, Decadron, Kenalog. PO ABx, Steroids, Antihistamine, Antitussive, Home nebs. I&D of embedded splinter in Calcaneal heel. A couple Sinusitis, with cough & cold. Weight loss. Mood DO. Have to brave the storm lightning, thunder, and flood to get home.