Slow, Wet, Rainy, Monday. 26 patients. Busy until 3:30 then just drizzle-in to match the weather. Knuckle contusion and Hamate carpal bone capsulitis. R lower lobe pneumonia. Refractory Chronic Migraine Pain. MVA with torticollis, back torsion, and knee contusion. Bullous Poison Ivy. Repeat PPD’s placed on staff for prv. TB exposure. A couple of DOT & Sports Physicals. Sinusitis, & URI, with Bronchospasm. Malignant HTN meds. Decayed teeth with abscess, and gingivitis. Pharyngitis. Strep Pharyngitis. Left Pyelonephritis. Recurrent Otitis. Replacement ABx after allergic rctn to Keflex. 3 on the CCP program called in for chronic meds. 6 came in for medication renewals. Still to rainy to ride. Will trade throws with Ari. Kell comes home tomorrow.