33 Patients, steady Friday. Behind the Wall at CEMC. Influenza x3 one type A, two type B, one of the Type B’s had Type A back in early January. R inguinal Hernia & Varicocoelle sent to general surgery. Disability assessments x2. Several Gastroenteritis with N/V/D & Bronchospasm (squirt when they cough). MRSA I&D over a R Carotid Artery – carefully dissected & packed. Hives & Urticaria to an unknown allergen after cleaning a cabin. Consult with the patient sent to the hospital with a R lung effusion, after 1.5 liter aspiration and cytology, diagnosed with small cell carcinoma, stage IV. Thyroid phone consult with an old Judo friend experiencing myxedema. Consult with ‘coke bottle urine’ after labs – NOT Acute Renal Failure, but rather Acute Hepatitis C with fulminant Liver symptoms, feeling some better on the steroids – sent to GI. One Strep. Numbers of Fever, Myalgia, Cough, and Malaise that were Influenza negative on swab. All responding to abx. Drug screening. A Paraonychitis s/p contusion, without sub-ungual hematoma, and NOT requiring nail-plate excision. Otitis Externa. Several Multiple medication renewals. UTI’s x2. And one Vulvovaginosis. several Mood disorders and acute grief reactions to serious illness, or the death of a loved one. On a lighter note, Elizabeth and the littles enjoyed the Busch Garden’s in Tampa. Ari Dalton is working HARD with Rhadi already, and not yet with the San-kaku seminar that starts tomorrow. I’m bound for home. Already four calls tonight, deferred for tomorrow’s clinic regimen.