Slammed this Saturday Morning – right from the 10 AM bell – 12 patients in the door by 11:30 AM. Slowing down about 12:30 PM – a stack of charts to finish. We finished out at 17 patients, very slow after the initial rush. Dysphagia, Cough, and Halitosis post intubation for status epilepticus. Back Pain and Neck Pain respectively in a couple going out of town. Sinus. Fever. Sore Throat. Gastroenteritis. MVA with Costo-Sternal Chondritis. Left ear canal excoriation and infection (Q-Tips !! do NOT go in the ear canal folks !!!) CCP Consult & back pain. Extensive STD blood and Urine work-up (? obsessive). Medications. DOT physical. An I&D Abscess follow up. Endocrine labs and meds adjustment. Sad news, the fellow I treated a while back for Malignant Hyperthermia with Malignant HTN onset immediately following his first Hep-C treatments, has recently died in hospital from complications following his first Chemo treatments for his Hepatocellular Carcinoma and his Hep C. I hope not from Malignant Hyperthermia. Well it is a fine warm day, think I’ll hit the Greenway.