Whew, Finishing up Wednesday. No time to ride. They rushed the doors at closing time. 33 patients. Staph Folliculitis from self excoriation, and spoon lesions, ecchymotic and cellulitic. A house call on a different home bound patient, to weak to come in, afraid to go to hospital, needing critical thyroid meds (out time x1 month), and c/o vertigo. paraesthesia in both legs. Tinea Cruris, & Candida. Tinea Pedis and anxiety. Gout. Dermatomycosis (ring worm). Drug screens. Sinus infection. Executive PE. DOT & Sports physicals. Hip arthrosis. Back pain. Nail bed pain s/p I&D x2 days. DFACS drug screens. UTI with Pyelonephritis. IV rocephin day #15. Pedal Edema. B-12 supplements. Medication renewals. Refractory Conjunctivitis.