Saturday – red-eyed in from DC – reached work by opening at 10 AM – 6 patients waiting, one laceration repair, one pyogenic granuloma electrofulgaration, one Influenza type B, one left peri-tonsillar abscess, one r/o DVT’s, two medication renewals. Finished out at 30 Patients in 5 hours – lots of charts left. In addition to the prv. listings we saw : DOT physicals : Spiral Fx Fibula, with Tibia laminar Fx – booted and referred to Ortho : Conjunctivitis : Wt Loss Consults : Allergic Dermatitis : Cardiac insufficiency (sent EKG to Cardiologist) : Pyelonephritis : Knee Sprain : Uncontrolled Diabetes : Thenar Emminence Strain : Viral Syndrome : Sinusitis : HPV : MTP consult : MCP LAC repair : Electrofulgaration of a gelid Nevus : and a half dozen medication renewals : and a couple Back Pains. Gotta ride out the fatigue and head home.