Brisk, dry Monday morning 20 patients by 1 PM, then slowed and trickled in as the rain enveloped the NE Georgia Mountains, about 4 PM. Finished out at 29 on the day. Two Influenza type B. It is NOT too late to get vaccinated, and a heck of a lot cheaper than treating the flu. The Mystery upper Respiratory infection with cough and significant myalgia, but no fever, persists – it is NOT influenza. The Noro-virus GI symptoms also continue. Onychomycosis. Scabies. a lumpy Dermatophytosis (which may require a bx, it looks like leonine leprosy). Tooth abscesses. Weight loss. Non-cardiac (or pulmonary) chest wall pain. Rib contusion r/o fx. Intra-articular knee injection of cortisone. Tattoo Operator physicals. Elizabeth and the Kids are back tonight. I’m headed home for the re-union. Biked 10 miles on the Greenway Saturday through the drowned marshes, and 8 miles Sunday through the damp fields, but it was a sunny weekend. Today the rains came back with a vengance – no riding.