26 Patients, rainy Friday afternoon, slowed business to a crawl. Busy early on, and in a late afternoon rush before the rain. More cases of Shingles x3 in the past two days. Kids must be getting the vaccine and exposing susceptible adults. A hyperextended elbow (not Kell’s), a hand contusion, a hip labrum tear. Several mood do medication adjustments. Resumption of BP and thyroid meds (several folk have lost jobs, or insurance in the recession and cannot see their ‘providers’ so have come here to pay cash, since they have been out of meds for days, or weeks). Recheck on I&D’s and LAC repairs – 4 others called it in – more pro-bono for the working folk, who need care and the ability to go right back to work. IV Rocephin Infusions for Knee prosthesis infection continues. UTIs and waning numbers of Sinus infections. I have Iain Orval today, as the Big’s and Keath are with Elizabeth in Tampa for Rhadi Ferguson’s Kansetsu-waza Judo intensive. No riding in the rain, so guess I’ll take Iain for sushi, then home to light candles.