16 patients. Rainy, Cold, Blustery Saturday. Sinus, Sore Throat, Fever, Croup predominantly.  Insect bite with allergic rash. 24 hr post MVA torticollis work-up. A lone DOT Physical. HOME Ear Piercing infection. Xerosis and Xeroconjunctivitis. Gastritis. Sub-Acute Hypothyroidism – with slt. goiter enlargement and thyroid cyst by Ultrasound, Low-normal TSH (0.52), & low-midrange T3 Uptake, T4 free, and T4 total – but with significant symptoms of dry skin, brittle hair, weight gain, mood swings, temperature intolerance, lassitude, and fatigue – trx with low dose Synthroid 25 mcg and recheck Thyroid panel in x1 month. Too wet to ride. Home to relax. Catch a movie. Maybe see Mudcat and Lil’ Joe at Matilda’s if the Rain will stop.