21 patients on a Thursday. Lots of procedures. Knee puncture now without cellulitis, draining serous fluid, on abx. Well Woman exam with PAP & labs while Husband with general physical & labs. Gout flare injection. Infraspinatus Trigger point injection. Crural Staph Folliculitis – single razor blades only guys. SI Joint strain & injection. I&D MRSA Abscess Posterior R earlobe. I&D Nail puncture and Radial Nerve Paraesthesia in Dorsal forearm. Left Knee LCL ligament sprain vs Avulsion – immobilized and sent for MRI. Disability Exam. A few Sports PE’s. About a half dozen psych cases needing medication adjustment. A mysterious ? Viral syndrome that has come up from the Gulf from around Destin to Fort Walton Beaches – nausea, with congestion, myalgia, and malaise. Off to ride my 10 K tonight.