Blistering Morning post Memorial Day Tuesday, 18 patients by noon, then dropped of in the afternoon and finished out at 30 patients. Only a very few of the Sinus, Pharyngitis, Bronchospasm, & RAD recent local epidemic. Many more UTI & Gastroenteritis from eating and imbibing holiday foods. A number of Endocrine and HTN follow-ups to further tune medications. One Chest Pain, that appears to be Congestive Cardiac Overload – after non-acute EKG, diuresis initiated, and sent off for stress echocardiogram. Ankle contusion, with intact internal hardware, no fracture, but notable hematoma, aspirated and decompressed. Conjunctivitis. A number of Camp physicals. Weight Loss. Unintentional weight loss and abdominal pain sent to GI for a r/o neoplasm. Rhus Dermatitis x4 from all the outdoor & yard picnicking. UTI’s and Gardenerella x4. Routine Medication renewals topped off the numbers. Watching all the previous flow through traffic have to turn around at the Thompson Road barricade, because the Street has already been torn up. Heading out for another 10 K ride, but I’ll have to detour down Hugh Stowers Road….