16 patients. Peripatetic Tuesday. 3 at the bell. A call from my old classmate Dr. Richard Mohammed (TAMU ’93), just to say hi. He’s working ER down in Daytona, doing well. Labs and Lab consults. Mood disorders and Acute Depression. Mycotic Sinusitis with secondary pharyngitis, pneumonitis, and bronchospasm x2, one with exposure to mold from a leaky hot water heater, another from working, cleaning out a moldy boat hull. Right eye Conjunctivitis with scleral/corneal abrasion. IV Rocephin day 21. Myalgias & arthralgias x3 (two more sent out to PCP). Torticollis and muscle spasm from painting overhead. Folks need to hydrate when working in the heat. HTN. UTI. DOT PE. Med student is studying for 4rth year exams. Helping out with patients, does well, has mastered the EHR. Bigs are off for Dallas and the JO’s. I’m iding my 10-k.