25 patients. Overcast Wednesday. Rain at 5. Solar Lentigo on Nose cryofrozen. Also froze BCCA, SqCCA, and age spot. Consolidating aspiration pneumonia R lung vs. Pneumothorax, sent to ED with x-ray film. Suture removal from healing recurrent Sebaceous Cyst I&D. Repack of buccal MRSA I&D. Otitis with Otalgia. Sports PE. Full-thickness Stop-light burn from Motorcycle exhaust pipe. Erectile Dysfunction. Back strain. Strep. DOT, School, and CAmp Physicals. Psych meds and renewals. Thyroid labs & meds x3. Cervical DJD. Male and female HRT. Medical Student faring well post radioactive ablation of thyroid, only 2 days left to go on the rotation.