Monday after the Flood. Steady Day 26 patients. Still down about 20% due to the wall. Sinus, with Respiratory, and reactive airway symptoms for the majority of sick visits. Phone consult on reducing dislocated elbow – successful – sent for radiograph to r/o fx or obstructing osteophyte – treatment with ICE, Sling, NSAIDS, Steroids, Pain meds. A series of Drug Screens one positive for m-Amp & Benzos. A couple UTI’s. One Renal Calculus. A couple Rhus Dermatitis. A couple DOT physicals – both needed BP meds. STD consults and testing. PPD placement. BCCA Cryofrozen. B-12 supplementation.  Floods have dried and drained. Will head to tthe park and ride if it is not too muddy.