Slow Monday post Spring Break – everyone back at work, no one out sick. 18 patients in the door, another 3 called it in. Erythema Migrans in a Turkey hunter, thought he had a chigger bite and allergic rash. Nope, Lyme Disease. Smoker with Hemoptysis s/p URI. CT of Chest shows milliary cavitary and granulomatous lesions, apical and bases, along with multiple calcific nodules throughout. Public Health time. Gout. Repack of x3 MRSA facial lesions. Gastroenteritis x2. Seasonal Rhinitis x6. The Cherry Blossoms are blowing like pink rain petals among the white blossoms of the Bradford Pears. Rheumnatoid Arthritis. Weight Loss. Suture removal from Healing Dog Bite repair. Riding today.