Red-eyed from Miami National Scholastic Championships where Ari Dalton took 3rd in his division – Got up to the clinic by 10:15 AM – snow flurries all day. Saw 34 patients. Finished all the Charts /x 4. Need to crash. A number of DOT and Firefighter Physicals. Several Wt. loss patients. A suture removal. Bronchitis. A couple drug screenings, one positive. Fractured tooth. Multiple MRSA Abscesses in overweight skin folds & breast. Gastroenteritis x3. Bilateral expanded earlobe apertures, surgically revised and repaired (closed) sequentially (took a while) – will need to return for further revision of earlobe shape once fully healed. If you are thinking earlobe plates when you are young, – don’t. IBS-C, with constipation & hemorrhoids. Hamstring strain. Influenza type A (still not gone folks – get vaccinated). Allergic Contact dermatitis to the face. Low back pain. Shoulder pain. A few medication renewals & adjustments. Substitute Drs. on this past Friday, Saturday, Sunday while I was in Miami – Slower paced – only 15, 14, and 4 patients respectively – but the Clinic (CEMC) broke even. Headed home now. Elizabeth and the kids just drove in from Miami. We can all crash together. After dinner.