Jumping Thursday Morning – a dozen patients by 11:30, then dead quiet by noon, an afternoon post-work crew, picked it up to finish the day out at 23 patients. Pyelonephritis with UTI and Gastritis. Knee Puncture with Cellulitis and lymphedema. Trachealmalachia and stridor with cough. Staph folliculitis. Mood DO x3. Weight loss x5. Its getting to be a Spring business. Cheerleader physical. Allergic facial contact dermatitis. Malignant HTN. Pneumonia with COPD exacerbation. Otitis Interna and Vertigo, with Sinusitis overlay. DOT PE. Medication renewals. Recurrent conjunctivitis x2. ARI is at a North Fulton Club for Handicapped Kids tonight. I will ride and maybe meet him later for Randori. Tomorrow we leave for Chicago and the Mid-West Cohen Memorial Judo Tournament. Elizabeth is gonna hand here.