Rained a gully washer last night, cool and overcast this Tuesday. 33 patients. Scabies. Purpuric exanthem, & hyperkeratosis pilaris. Influenza has returned after a 6 week hiatus x2 Type A confirmed influenza cases. Not too late for the vaccine Folks. RSV in a 6 month old. Weight Loss x4. Migraine HA. MRSA Staph folliculitis 7 early abscess in L peri-anal lesion. Plantar Wart excision and electrofulgaration. Calcaneal heel spur injection. Gastroenteritis (noro-virus?) x3. Medication and Lab renewals. Sinusitis x3. DOT PE’s. Recheck of axillary I&D. Pink Eye. Bacterial Conjunctivitis. Psoriasis. Busy Day.