30 patients on a ‘Good’ Friday before Easter Sunday. Influenza Type B x3 again. A half dozen Allergic/Seasonal Rhino-Sinusitis treated symptomatically, no abx. A thumbtip avulsion, anaesthesia, & electrofulgarated to effect hemostasis. Leukopenia in a patient with Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Hep C, and a +Pos PPD s/p Chemo. Suture removals x2. 5th finger sprain. Plantar fascia strain. Paraonychitis from a partial nailplate avulsion at some other medical facility. Sinusitis with rhinitis – infectious – x4. Staph Folliculitis. Nonspecific Idiopathic Furunculosis. Conjunctivitis x3. Hordeolum. Weight loss. A half dozen medication renewals, x4 more called it in (they’re on the concierge program). A couple mood disorders. A couple chronic pain patients, one with claudication and peripheral vascular disease. Home to ride bike, then relax with a movie and the kids.