OK 39 patients today. Really Good finish to a SLOW month of May. Is it just a coincidence, now that the clinic is visible, since construction started on Thompson? About a Dozen of the Sinusitis & pharyngitis with Bronchospasm & RAD. # of them with COPD or Asthma Exacerbations, needing Nebs and shots. A hyperextended and fractured Elbow. Dermatofibroma Excision. Foreign Body removal with corneal abrasion in Left eye. Renal Calculus or Pyelonephritis & UTI x3. Bilateral Calcaneal Heel Spur injections. Debridement & wound care of Calcaneal Stasis Pressure Ulcer on heel of Paraplegic. Erythema Multiforma to Bactrim. ITP vs DIC in pt. with gum disease and elevated Liver enzymes, r/o neoplasm. Post concussion syndrome. Several physicals – DOT, School, Camp. Migrains x2. HSV. I have a ton of charts to catch up. Will ride first.