29 patients, pleasant Wednesday. Patients came in small waves. CCP Executive Physical. Routine yearly Labs. started the Day. x4 Noro-virus style Gastroenteritis. TMJ pain. DOT PE. Molluscum Contagiosum – ‘rash’. x4 Sinusitis. x4 Weight Loss. Clinical Pneumonia – r/o influenza. x4 Low Back pain. Urinary Outflow Obstruction and Prostatitis with pedal edema, requiring urgent catheterization to drain 800+cc of urine from a grossly distended bladder, determined by screening Ultrasound. Left the Catheter indwelling with strap-on leg bag, while treating for inflammation & infection, referring to Urology in AM. Maintenance HRT, B-12, & Methotrrexate injections x4. Otitis with Otalgia. Follow ups on Influenza and Migraine. Will try to work out and catch Game of Throws (or is that Thrones?) on DVD.