Freaky Friday, very busy morning, 15 in the door before noon, 16 more to close the day out, at 31 patients. BUT LOTS of procedures. Foreign Body removal and I&D of abscessed lateral thumb. I&D of abscess cuticle and paronichia in another thumb. Granulating I&D of facial buccal MRSA abscess. Revision & Packing of MASSIVE Thoraco-Lumbar MRSA Abscess coming from some one else’s facility, after having been seen there 4 times and finally referred to a surgeon, but of course, unable to afford hospitalization. R suborbital hematoma & purpura with total periorbital ecchymosis, and mattered episcleritis following a fall last night – no fracture on Water’s view X-ray. Two Avulsion chip fx’s and ligament sprains in medial & lateral R knee in fall on deck – required immobilization. Left Ankle sprain falling off high heels. Medial Hamstring tear near Ischial tuberosity origin after slip on oil patch in garage – splits are hard in middle age. Rolled L ankle in inversion with fx distal fibula shaft, and avulsion chip fx with sprain of fib-talo ligament. Left 4rth tarsal-metatarsal lig. sprain s/p heavy lifting in flexible soled, inadequate, work shoes. Torticollis and cervical discitis, r/o occult fx and stenosis with lateral C-spine. Mixed uric acid and calcium oxalate renal calculi in 52 y/o woman with a UTI, brought a stone she’d passed. Likely food borne Gastroenteritis. Bronchitis. DOT Physicals x4. Drug and Alcohol screening. Weight loss x3. Another trying to gain weight. Schizophrenics x2. F/U on H.Pyloi. Numbers of medication renewals. Erectile Dysfunction. UTI’s with cystitis. The Medical student closed the day with her excellent presentation on OA & RA, then a discussion on her student evaluation. Also, another pre-student shadow arrived today to follow in-house. Late getting home. Light Shabbat Candles. Watched a movie.