Rush on the doors at closing. Chain saw injury to the wrist. x37 sutures outside, x12 sutures inside – closed an arteriole and tendon sheath. Lady to r/o DVTs and sciatica. One UTI and Pyelonephritis. Two med refills. All 5 after after 6:30 PM. 27 patients total on the day. Busy morning x21 patients before 3 PM then the rest after 6:15. Need to ride. Earlier : Mood DO x3. MRSA Abscess I&D. Pilonidal Cyst I&D. Recheck on yesterdays MRSA I&D. Sports and Executive PE’s Turned down a DOT PE because pt. was legally blind and couldn’t fill out the form. Casted foot fx. Reflux r/o H Pylori. Fibular head contusion and ligament strain r/o fx. URI with chills. Medication renewals. Biceps tendonosis. House call is already better – back on meds.