Well, they rushed the doors at closing today. 7 patients in the last hour. Finished out on an up note. 29 patients on a cold, sometimes sleety Tuesday. More respiratory decompensation. Albuterol Refills very common. CCP physical with Cardiac Insufficiency, LV overload, and ischemia on abnormal EKG. Sent to Cardiology for Echo. MRSA I&D x2 by student. Sinusitis with Bronchospasm x4. Bronchitis and wheezing x2. Abdominal pain with multiple work-ups reviewed CT, & Endoscopy – dx as IBS-C with Diverticulosis. Lyme Ds Titers. Multiple Drug Screens for a client company. Anticoag. Monitoring. OM. Sinus. DOT PE’s x2. Skin Tag consults x2. Declined to Renew Medication Early or Inappropriately x3. Carpal Bone arthropathy and contracture but not evidently Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. Rheumatoid Arthritis with Gout.