Cool, Jamming Thursday Morning – 23 patients by 1:30 – many Orthopaedic cases. Slowed now. Looked like cold rain. Finished Out at 33 patients. Busy Morning through 1:30 PM then busy finish, slow on the in between, no rain despite the clouds and cool day. Metatarsal Head Syndrome IA injection. Cervical Radiculopathy with C5 Arm Neuropathy relieved by facet injections in the Neck. Dorsal R wrist capsulitis and extensor tendonitis. Allergic Dermatitis with facial Angioedema triplle shots, meds and future epi-pen. Reactive Tachycardia & plpitations – benign EKG. Gastroenteritis. UTIs x3. B-12 supplementation IM. HRT IM. Low back Pain. a dozen medication renewals. Strep x2. Low Back pain. Redress MRSA I&D. Severe Mood and affective disorders x4 with medication adjustment and counseling referrals. Weight Loss. Refractory Malignant HTN. Refractory Thyroid med adjustments. Going to ride for sure. Maybe Judo afterwards with Ari Dalton.