30 Patients. COLD, clear Spring Day. Very Slow Morning, very brisk late afternoon & evening. Right Foot Sprain. Fall off a ladder, with Left posterior Rib splinting, contusions, diminished Breath sounds, and difficulty on inspiration with breathing – sent on to ED ASAP – declined an Ambulance and went POV. A half dozen weight loss & labs. Spring Fever & Rhinorhea x6 – some with secondary sinusitis. Viral syndrome and exanthem Rash x3. medication Renewals & HRT. Migraine. MVA work-up with Torticollis, and Mm. strains, AC separation, and contra-coup concussion exhibiting residuals – sent for CT of Brain, Ortho to follow. Lung Effusion #2 is finally going for CT of Chest – first was small cell CA – we shall see with the second. Ari Dalton has ridden down to Miami with Elizabeth and the youngers to compete in the National Scholastics. I wish him well. Headed home.