43 patients on a cold overcast Monday – full moon tonight. That & 8 convergences in the past week may presage Earthquakes. In clinic, a Positive PPD – cleared by chest x-ray. Strep tonsillitis with early abscess. Weight loss x3. Mood DO with anxiety & insomnia x5. HRT assignment. Peripheral Edema. Extremity Pettechiae. Cholecystitis – recurrent sent to Surgeon. RUQ pain sent for U/S (negative) then trx medically. Pharyngitis with Otalgia x3. Medication renewal & adjustment x11. Gerd. Scabies Follow-up. Thumb fx & LAC follow-up. Congestive heart failure (diuresed). Cracked tooth with gingivitis. COPD exacerbation. Osteomyelitis of infected toe ulcer in diabetes. Dinner waiting.