So, Cold Monday Mid-May. Fits and starts. 25 patients. Verruccus Electrofulgaration (burning off warts). Several Pharyngitis, one a teen with a large Goiter, seems it runs in the family. Sports and DOT Physicals. Orbicularis droop, with Ptosis, and slurred speech in pt. with HA x5 days – sent for CT of Brain r/o SAH, ICH, vs Bell’s Palsy. Referral for CT of limbs after fall. Tick Bite with Lyme Disease Prophylaxis. The scarcity & commercial price of Doxycycline has soared. HRT. Strep. Bilateral knee chondromalacia. Stress Fx in a foot – high heels and weight are not good combos. Sinus congestion and cough x3. Numbers of med refills called it in – most were Community clinic Program members who have paid in advance for the privilege. Off to ride.