Catch Up Saturday. 15 patients in the door. More procedures. Revised I&D returns with significant improvement – Unpacked wick, drained more purulent dc, but cellulitis is diminished as is pain & swelling – repacked with about 12 inches of Iodoform and redressed. Intralesional injection (instead of I&D) of infected, swollen sebaceous cyst L malar cheek, no palpable abscess. MVA logging truck turnover with R medial thigh ecchymosis & discreet (large) hematoma, also soft tissue contusion & edema (no ecchymosis) over R SI lumbar fat pad – NO fx by plain film of pelvis & LS spine, no femur fx (old motorcycle osteolytic injury to Left pelvis noted). Severe COPD exacerbation and bronchitis – she’s only still smoking a ‘little bit’ – tune up nebs, IM abx & steroids – sent home on PO meds with advair sample. DFACS adoption Physical and lab tests. A couple sports physicals. Strep. Sinusitis. Keratosis Sicca Conjunctivitis with secondary infection. Allergic Rhinitis. A handful of med refills. Going to ride my bike. Maybe head over to the North Side Tavern off 14th St. Tonight and catch a Mudcat & little Joe show.