Busy Wednesday Morning. 16 patients by noon. Finished out at 29 patients. Three New onset Diabetes. One Brittle. Long lectures and retuning of lifestyle, diet, and medications. Candida & Intertrigo x2 (more diabetes secondary effects). x4 Old Diabetes medication renewals. Diabetes is a scourge. Shoulder impingement x3 – lots of Yard work. Low back pain x2. MVA with residual thoracic & neck pain. Ovarian Cysts. Rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis. Sprained ankle. Knuckle periostial contusion & hematoma. I swear I am NOT a pain clinic. Started daily infusion therapy with 1 gr. Rocephin ala Infectious Disease for Infected Knee Prosthesis. COPD exacerbations x3. Rhus Dermatitis x4. DOT PE’s, Sinuses, and Strep cases rounded out the day. Will ride if I can beat the storms.