Bright Wednesday. 19 patients despite the construction intermittently closing off the entrance from Hwy 53, and forcing numbers of folk to detour down Hugh Stowers Road then along Thompson, to get to the clinic. Ear cerumin disimpaction. More Strep (x3) (you were right Dr. Debbie). Sew job on a knuckle flap avulsion. Sinus Infection. Pneumonia with an incidental chest mass on plain film (? TAA), trx with abx, sent for CT of chest but doubt he will go. Toe fx (dropped a couch on it). Non Cardiac Chest pain and Pleurisy with Bronchospasm. Sinusitis. Geriatric medication renewals. Off to ride. Kids are in Mid-Town to work at Mat Scheib’s club with Amarylis Savon.