24 patients on a balmy Tuesday – Invisible behind the wall. Changing signs around. 3 caled it in for routine meds and a referral. Two at the closing bell. A R shoulder Bursitis with Impingement – injected. Another with Left foot 4rth metatarsal head fx & L lateral maleolus laminar Fx – Splinted and taped, and cast shoe applied. Scabies – the dog has mange. Drug Screens x3. Full thickness dorsal L foot molten metal burn and secondary cellulitis. Poison Ivy. MRSA I&D L buccal cheek abscess, with secondary MRSA folliculitis in beard. Numerous medication renewals. 2 new patient medication consults. x3 weight loss. Two more UTI anbd Pyelonephritis – no one is drinking water. Male HRT for Low-T x3. Off to ride bike. Ari & the littles at Judo in mid-town tonight.