Sunday – back on the deck – after attending closing service for Yom-Kippur last night – Ambulating well, with minimal discomfort 4 days post-OP – a Dozen patients – felt sluggish toward the end around 2:30 – but functional. Will draw in Galloway to close the second half of the day tomorrow. Today’s cases included : Serial injections of the Left LS spine for sciatica – successfully. Injection for pain and impingement resulting from overuse of previous shoulder separation. Viral Exanthem. Recheck of a successful Ortho injection of Left Hip arthrosis with torn labrum, and travel meds before the patient heads to Amsterdam. Right upper x2 tooth abscesses – Abx and Bupap – dental referral – said NO to the request for Perks 10 mg. Nares Impetigo vs HSV lesions – dealing with pt. Hanta virus (and other) fears after finding rats nest in cars AC. Knee Contusion & abrasion with Osgood-Schlatter’s injury. Post concussive work clearance, and routine meds. HTN & Obesity consult. Burning Mouth Syndrome without lesions post Gastrectomy, being treated for neurological & psychological overlay. Neither generalist nor specialist are discerning findings of note. Any Ideas? Headed home. Need to eat. feeling a bit light headed. No 10-K’s for a few weeks.