Thursday 29 patients. Again procedure oriented as folk get out and about. More tick Bites with rash – needing Lyme Disease Titers and ABX prophylaxis, and coverage for Staph. A few more corneal abrasions from embedded foreign body particles. Several more conjunctivitis cases some with hordeolums. I&D Splinter, infection, and ascending lymphangitis in foot. I&D Insect bite. I&D MRSA. Hand contusion r/o fx. Rib contusion, r/o fx. Several Strep, a couple sinus, a UTI. Summer Gastritis (food out of temperature). Rhus dermatitis rashes, and excoriated xerodermatosis. One severe allergic reaction to a deer fly bite. Ari & Kell are at Cumming Judo. I will ride then join them.