35 patients. Lovely Tuesday after the rains. Dinner and Camouflage at Donnal’s – Turkey season opens soon. 35 Patients. A Longitudinal Knee LAC Repair in a kid, right at the bell. More Influenza Type B today. A handful of the Gastroenteritis (Noro-virus style) with fever, diarrhea, Nausea, and vomiting. UTI x3. One UTI recurrent with Pyelonephritis & incipient Renal Calculi. Keratosis Pilaris mistaken for recurrence of Scabies (we shall see if it responds to Lac-Hydrin 12% Lotion before re-instituting the scabicides. DOT & Tattoo Parlor PE’s. An Executive PE with a r/o STD’s. Fligght medications (fear of flying). Excision of an ear helix BCCA. Anticoag monitoring. Prostate Cancer referral. Pain Management. The third member of a family with acquired Lyme Disease in the past 30-60 days (all are IgM positive for two or three bands, one is also IgG positive for 2 more bands.) all three were reported to CDC, none have traveled outside of North Georgia. It is here in the low Mountains folks. Elizabeth has Ari Dalton and the Littles on the Road for Ari’s training for the Judo Scholastics, and for Doug’s interment ceremony at Arlington.