Whew. 6 patients in the door at closing time, just finishing up now. 4 joined the Boutique Community Clinic Program. Cold. Cloudy. Snow Flurry Wednesday. Again slow morning, then brisk afternoon. Finished Out at 28 patients. Influenza x3 – two Type B, one Type A. Three Strep Positives. An Ovarian Cyst on Ultrasound that also includes tender RUQ Murphy’s sign and RLQ McBurnies point, but no other symptoms of Appendix or Gallbladder. Treated and sent home, but with a referral for CT in the ED of Abdomen & Pelvis if no better, or acutely worse. DOT & School PE’s. Special Olympics Medical Clearance. A CCP medication & Lab Consult. Nearly a dozen Medication renewals. Hip Contusions x3. Weight Loss. Croup. A half dozen Sinusitis, Pharyngitis, and Bronchospasm. Lyme Disease titers on common tick exposure with two Positive family members. Drug Screening. Diabetes Testing. Labs for Fatigue, Malaise and Low-T. More for routine follow up on medication effects. Home to Chinese for Dinner, then Game of Thrones season II with Elizabeth and the kids.