Red eyed Monday – flew in from New York. 5 patients by Noon very slow. Then the rush – 48 patients by closing, more than 40 in the door by 6:30, while some called it in. Charts galore. Still have 18 to go.  One Post IUD partial uterine fenestration with subsequent removal by GYN, presented with sanguine dc, abdominal pain, warmth, and bloating, treated for possible infection. One S.O.B with exertional dyspnea x1 month in a 144 pack year smoker, large R lung opacity, normal EKG, sent for Chest CT to r/o Mass vs pneumonia, vs pneumothorax – Pulmonary to follow. Another 112 pack year smoker with recurrent pneumonia, L basilar consolidation and effusion – but treated in house, and to be seen back on close follow.

Shingles and Neuralgia. Strep x4. Influenza x1 Type A. Conjunctivitis with pharyngitis x2. URI or sinusitis, or pharyngitis with bronchospasm x18. UTI x2. A couple DOT physicals. Thyroid Goiter with asymmetric enlargement > Left lobe. UTI with STD prophylaxis. Dog scratches and Tetanus prophylaxis. Second Degree Grease Burns. Scabies. Allergic Dermatitis. Left Wrist sprain. MVA back pain sent for CT. Epistaxis and elevated PT-INR. Chronic medication renewals. Achalasia. Right shoulder impingement – injected. persistent HA x2 months – sent for CT of Head and sinuses r/o mass. The 40 in 6.5 hours was a wee bit tiring. Home to watch judo videos with the kids, and Elizabeth.